The quality of life of our residents is important to us. Whilst respecting their choice, likes and dislikes we encourage our residents to remain active, independent and keep in touch with the community. We provide meaningful activities both indoors and outdoors

We try to encourage residents to participate, both individually and in a group environment.
Some activities include: trips out, manicures & hand massages, music, bingo, board games, arts & crafts, coffee mornings, chair aerobics, visits to temples and churches and walks around village. All these activities and many more are displayed on a weekly basis on our notice boards. We have special activities in our reminiscence room.

If it is relaxation that you seek, look no further as this can be found in our comfortable lounges, where you may want to watch your favourite TV programmes, listen to gentle music, or just chat with your fellow residents. As always the choice is yours.

Our aim is to welcome all family, friends, and carers to become involved in all social events, i.e.: coffee mornings, garden fete, and social evenings.

Care Team

Pranam Care Centre recruits staff who have previous experience working in care of the Elderly Sector. Ongoing supervision & training is provided to assist staff in their day to day work and to ensure they have the required skills to work with the category of residents that we care for. We provide a holistic approach to care complemented by a team of healthcare professionals from the community.

Our Principles


To recognise the resident’s individual needs and treat the residents with respect at all times.


To allow the residents to make their own decision wherever and whenever possible and to encourage them to think for themselves and realise their ambitions.


To show respect for the human rights of all our residents.


To allow the resident to be left alone whenever they wish but never allow the resident to feel lonely or rejected, giving the resident their best
interests and choices at all times.


To ensure that the resident is in a safe, secure and welcoming environment at all times.