Caring for the future

Our commitment is to support each individual resident in leading an active, fulfilled and happy life.

We do not accept generalisations about what residents may or may not be capable of doing or understanding, instead, we focus on a positive approach that addresses individual needs and abilities. We understand that individuals are unique.

We are each shaped by a lifetime of individual experiences in careers, family, hobbies and relationships to name just a few. Our goal is to maintain these important links each person has with valued elements of their personal history.

We understand that Dementia can cause distress for both the individual and families concerned. Our aim is to create an atmosphere which is calm, relaxed and reassuring. We achieve this by taking the time to fully understand life histories; developing well trained staff; creating and maintaining a supportive environment; ensuring the upkeep of positive and open communication; devising activities with meaning; and continuously encouraging family involvement.

We encourage residents to maintain familiar routines and activities so that life is meaningful.
By taking care to build relationships with each individual, members of our care team are able to understand the person as a whole, their needs, requirements and feelings and provide genuine care accordingly. We ensure that our Staff understands the unique needs of those living with dementia through a comprehensive training programme. Our activities co-ordinator works closely with the Alzheimer’s association to keep up with the current training programs and developments.

Specialist Care

We are aware of the sensitive nature of the cultural and religious beliefs. We recruit staff who can speak the correct language to be able to communicate with our residents from different ethnic backgrounds and to be aware of specific needs such as same sex carers. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals will be catered for by our chef. Special programmes will be organised to celebrate individual cultural festivals.

Fresh home cooked meals

We acknowledge that meal times are the most important part of the day and we ensure that our meals are tasty, nutritionally balanced and well presented.

Our menus will also cater for different Asian groups e.g Punjabi and Gujrati. Asian vegetarian meals will be included in our daily menu.

Our chef liaises regularly with our residents and their relatives to ensure we provide meals that the residents would enjoy.

All our meals are provided from fresh produce and prepared by our own chef and catering team.

Our expert catering team can identify and meet a wide variety of therapeutic and cultural needs for residents suffering from allergies, low weight, dementia, diabetics and those requiring individual religious diets.